Cosmographical diagram. The Catalan Atlas, 14th-c. (http://www.luminarium.org/encyclopedia/catalanatlas.htm)

Teaching Philosophy

I approach teaching philosophy much the way I do my research: to develop the rigorous reflections of Medieval Scholasticism in order to apply a broadly Aristotelian philosophy to contemporary life. Consequently, my teaching philosophy is grounded in the Aristotelian insight that we are, by nature, attracted to truth and goodness, and a central aim of philosophy is to integrate our lives around the goods that make for a flourishing life. As a teacher, I aim to cultivate in my students an ancient vision of philosophy understood and practiced as the rigorous pursuit of truth, motivated by a love for wisdom and experientially practiced as a "way of life."

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Teaching at Paris, in a late 14th-century Grandes Chroniques de France (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Medieval_university#/media/File:Philo_mediev.jpg)

Teaching Experience

I have taught the following courses:

PHIL 1050: Introduction to Philosophy (2x)

PHIL 1050: Philosophy & the Good Life

PHIL 2050: Ethics (5x)

PHIL 3250: Philosophy of Religion

Please contact me for my complete teaching dossier, which includes quantitative and qualitative evidence of teaching effectiveness, as well as sample syllabi and course assignments.

William of Ockham, Borgh.151 (https://digi.vatlib.it/mss/detail/Borgh.151)

Teaching Evaluations

"If I could major in a field in which every class was taught by him, I would."

"He was one of the best professors I have ever experienced. He truly cares about his students."

"He deeply cares about the material and conveys it in such a thought-provoking and captivating way."

"His 'Philosophy as a Way of Life' week-long, experiential project was incredible and something I will continue throughout my life. He has given me tools and the knowledge to know myself more clearly and be a better person. This class was invaluable for me, not only as a student, but as a person."

"He is incredibly respectful toward any contribution made in class."